21 Giugno 2018

Gestione Bacini s.p.a.

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Gestione Bacini s.p.a.

Gestione Bacini SpA was founded in October 2009 on the initiative of a group of thirty-two Leghorner companies, active in port services and maritime industries, with the aim of establishing an active pole in the field of ship repair, through the management of the dry docks of the port of Livorno Port Authority property.


"Hydrus", prima nave che entra nel bacino in muratura (1975)
The big dry dock of Leghorn Harbour was inaugurated in 1975 by the Cantiere Navale Orlando ("Naval Shipyard Orlando") that was to have a concession by the state until 2002, when it ceased its activities. In 2003 Azimut Benetti Shipyard acquired ownership of the shipbuilding area, where they started a new activity for the construction of mega yachts, and had also the concession of the state-owned area including the big dry dock, continuing here the business of ship repair to stop in 2007 as it was not part of their core business.

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